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Morning from Orlando FL, folks! 

I'm down here at Keller Williams Family Reunion, and getting ready to head to the Orlando Orange County Convention Center to learn and network with several thousand other KW folk from all over the U.S. and Canada.  Some great connections, including fellow Active AR People Gary McNinch of Seattle, WA(buddy, I'll buy the next beer), an Cindy Marchant of Fishers, IN. 

But I'll head out there in a little while.

Because, first, I have to work on our Dean's Team Chicago Active Rain Blog, then head over to Facebook for a minute or two, update my status - and jump in the Facebook Time Machine!

You know, I posted my profile to Facebook about 18 months ago.  Added a few friends. Participated in a couple of groups.  No big investment in time.

I'm not a fan of passing pokes.  Or drinks. or Green Patch or Blue Cove invitations.

I'm not looking to find romance.  Or drinking buddies.  Not that kind of stuff.

But I do desire to build my network, and build my real estate business.  THAT'S THE MAIN INTENTION!

And this year, as I began to get more involved, post more, join targeted business and Chicago-oriented groups, that process is beginning to flower!

My Active Rain posts can nearly instantaneously be propagated to the Twitter Social Networking Site (a whole 'nother story), and then to FacebookAutomatically! 

Through additional in-person networking, I started to add more Facebook friends.  (I often joke that, at 240 Facebook Friends, I have more friends now than I ever had!)  I added other Realtors - those who I know from across the country.  Lenders, attorneys - and, then, their friends, clients, and business associates became my friends, and connected with me for advice.

But the greatest, most unforeseen aspect of the process involves the new connections I have established with folks I haven't seen for many years!  And, likely, would never have connected with if it were not for the existence of social media. 

Who?  My college roommate, for example - a guy I haven't spoken with since around 1980.  Chums from high school (interesting to think even those who I only knew casually during those far-off times have been quite eager to make connections).  Work friends, pre-real estate, long forgotten.  Two fellows from when I was in grade school!

And then there's the old connections you'll never forget - but have had to move on from, as life goes on - yes? 

Within days of each other, I got Friend Requests from two ladies I dated in High School!  Just to give you scope of time here, when I went to high school - Richard Nixon was President!  Whew . . . that's a scary thought, isn't it?

I've got to admit that I didn't know what to think when I accepted THOSE Friend Requests - and, BTW, I did get my wife's permission first before I clicked "Yes!"  (I wonder if everyone does - you think?)

These old connections, some untouched for thirty years are more, are almost unfathomable to fully comprehend!  We've all grown up.  Completely.  Kids, grandkids, in some cases.  Careers started.  Changed.  Same for relationships - both business and personal.

And that thirty year gap - tough to fill it with the question - "Hey, what have you been doing recently?"  Man - sooooo much, yes?

Even so, if you keep the connections PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS LIKE - these old connections can provide new opportunities - even perhaps re-kindled friendships - today!

I have already re-connected - in person - with several of my old college and high school pals, many of whom had no idea of what I do for a living.  And, I of them!  Two listing appointments and a buyer sale have followed since the beginning of the year.

In one case, I saw my old friend's mother - haven't seen her for a very long time.  Hell, we were kids - I think, last time around, she was making us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch!

And those old girlfriends?  Both now live out of town.  Both have been married for many years, with grown kids.

One is considering moving back to Chicago with her family, and has provided extensive details about what she needs, and what she is looking for.  She also has three sisters here, and a few old friends, who might need my help soon.

The other still has connections in the Chicago area, and her family may need my help down the line.

And you know - I still haven't talked live to these two - only communication via online chat, email, and messaging.  That will indeed be strange - haven't heard their voices in a long time!

Strange - but in a fun way!  And, perhaps, with long-term payout, both personally and professionally.

What about you?  Anything YOU have gotten from the Facebook Time Machine?  Share with us!


Comment balloon 3 commentsDean Moss • February 22 2009 07:26AM


I have been in a holding pattern with Facebook. I guess I need to pursue it a bit more.

Posted by Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty, Fifteen Years Experience in Brevard County (Bucci Realty, Inc.) about 10 years ago

Facebook has been fun.  I have many friends to network with and I have also reconnected with many old friends.  I have received referrals directly because of Facebook.  I do think that Facebook will be worth the time.

Posted by Cynthia Grimes, "With You Every Step Home!" (eXp Realty, LLC) about 10 years ago

I think this has got to be such an untapped means of influence.  It's amazaing.  I have been adding friends like crazy but I am not up to 200 yet.  Getting close.  If you want to join my network of friends, look me up.  R. Greg Osmond.  Would love to connect with you.  Thanks for your thoughts.



Posted by R. Greg Osmond, MBA, Red Maple Realty (Sutton Group-Capital Realty Ltd.) about 10 years ago

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