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Lil' Buddy's Blog: New IL Public Works Bill Would Add Road Projects, School Projects . . . But More Taxes, Gambling!


Buddy at Rest - Fourth of July, 2007Hey, you dogs!   Chicago Weather - sure is funny! One day - 40 degrees at night, 80 degrees 6 hours later, back to 45 or so at night!

Often, I don't know whether to take out my summer or wintertime fur!

Likely on the way in IL.  Just approved by the State Senate.  Likely to be approved by the State House, and signed by our new IL Governor Pat Quinn.  You know . . . the "honest reformer!"

As detailed in a big Chicago Tribune Story today by Reporters Ray Long, Rick Pearson, and Ashley Rueff - one big state "Public Works" program!  Major bones - $29 Billion Worth!

The new cash infusion, which passed with much cooperation in the IL Senate, would build new roads statewide.  Shore up underfunded public transit in Chicago and through Downstate IL, and fund other local projects. 

Mass Transit in and around Chicago would receive $1.8 Billion of the $2.0 Billion Statewide total.  Of that figure, $900 Million would go to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), $810 Million to METRA Commuter Rail Service serving Chicago Suburbs, and another $90 Million would be earmarked to fund PACE Chicago Suburban Buses.

The program would set aside $148 Million for new school construction across IL, including $29.7 Million for Chicago Public Schools.  A loose $1.5 Billion or so would be doled out to special projects, as agreed by the Governor and key legislative leaders.

Lawmakers hope the new statewide projects would create hundreds of new jobs in the midst of the worst unemployment in IL in over two decades.  And widespread recession, in Chicago, and downstate.

But the bag of goodies being offered does come at a price - to us taxpayers, of course, both human and canine!

IL Driver's Licenses will increase by $20 per renewal cycleLicense Plate Tags would increase.   Liquor and beer will be more heavily taxed, as will some types of over-the-counter medicine and candy.

On the other side, however, gambling across the State of IL will become more liberal!  Video Poker Machines could be added in many restaurants and bars frequented by adults - up to five per establishment, if the legislation is passed.  And IL Lottery Tickets would be sold via the Internet, if the U.S. Department of Justice approves.

To my own dismay, however, very little of the new Public Works money would be dog-eared for Doggie Parks! 

But, with a little bit of Good Old Fashioned Political Lobbying, and a few well-placed Meaty Bones in the right dishes in our State Capitol of Springfield IL - perhaps my Pup Reporter Gracie and I could persuade our esteemed legislators for a bit of pork to better fund Chicago-Area Dog Parks and Beaches.

We dogs love pork, you know! 

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!  Make sure your humans drive safely, and act responsibly!

See our post today via BlogChicagoHomes.com.



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