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Keys to Success in 2008 - Attitude, Approach, Expectation!


Just got off the phone on our Group Telecall with our Success Coach, Patti Kouri of Accelerated Performance Coaching in suburban Los Angeles.  We've been working with Patti for over seven years - she has changed my business, and my life!

We had a very good year in 2007, our Gross Revenue is up nearly 2%, our Net Income up nearly 5% - despite encountering a very challenging condo and single-family home market in the city.  Virtually every transaction has been challenging.  Six short sales, several foreclosures, buyers who want the moon during home inspection, sellers who quickly point the finger of blame in our direction, should they can't get the same price their "friends down the street" got a couple of years ago.

In terms of units, we are about the same as last year, average sales price - just a bit better.  We're doing OK - but we could be doing EVEN BETTER!

Problem is, we were becoming complacent - NO MORE!

My wife Sue handles most of the admin work for our Team.  Together, we went to NAR in Las Vegas earlier this month.  Together, and separately, we attended several Team Building/Team Refining sessions.  It seems Teams and Business Groups will continue to grow in importance in the Real Estate Industry - as clients demand more and more, no one practitioner can do everything alone - you need help, you need interdependence!

A number of Teams, whose leaders were speaking at the conference, had smaller staffs than we have, but, in some cases, do twice the volume - in markets as diverse as Cleveland, Ohio, and Sacramento, California.   Why do they succeed?  Faith, of course.  And dead-on systems.  Leadership.  Mentorship.  Keen business sense.

But most importantly - three important items - a Killer Attitude, a Proven Business Approach, and the Expectation of Success.  Failure is not an option for the Top Players in today's real estate industry.  They don't take setbacks personally.  They are flexible, seek advice from others who have enjoyed success, and share their success with others they work with, those they serve, and those they love.

WATCH THIS SPACE, FOLKS!  We'll be right up there with them this time next year - although, as necessary, the faces and roles may change in order to get there.  How about YOU?

The market changes, folks - up and down - we all know and have experienced that.  There is not much we can do about that!  All we CAN DIRECTLY and WITH IMPACT MODIFY is how we react to what is handed to us, and how we move forward! 

I would be anxious to see how you plan to handle the 2008 Real Estate Market in your business.  What improvements are you contemplating, to do what you may never have done before?

Dean & Dean's Team Chicago

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